Week 0

Date: August 24th - August 26th

What we will cover

No in-person class this week for any section, but please complete the following tasks before Friday August 27th, 11:59 PM.


  1. Read the syllabus: We will go through some of the main points of the syllabus during our first class, but please make sure you review it beforehand. That way, you can ask any question you might have during our first meeting!

  2. Install R and R Studio: If you have not done so, please make sure you install both R and R Studio on your laptop.

  3. Complete the course introduction survey: A brief survey to get some additional information from students. There are no right or wrong answers! You can find the survey here.

  4. Starting with Rmarkdown: Rmarkdown is a type of file that allows you to write dynamic documents by mixing code and text (see an example here). Even though Rmarkdown will not be required for this course, I’d like to encourage students to use this extension to write their assignments (it’s a great tool to have under your belt!). You can follow a quick tutorial on how to set it up here.

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