• Submit your midterm through Canvas before Friday Oct. 22nd 11:59 pm. One submission per student.

  • There is no 24-hr free extension for the midterm or final exam.

  • Remember to submit your write-up (only PDF extension) and your R script (.R or .Rmd). If both files are not submitted, the submission will be counted as incomplete until both files are received. Note: Submit an R scrip in .R, not in PDF

  • Use the templates provided below to guide you on how your submissions should look like.

  • No need to write long answers. Keep your answers short and precise, and address what is being asked (there are no additional points for answering something that is not being asked).

  • No collaboration between students is permitted. This is a take-home exam, but you should treat it as an open-book in-class exam.



Write-up Template

Rcode Template

Rmarkdown Template

Answer Key

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