Final Project


  • The objective of the final project is for you to apply what we’ve seen in the class to real-world data. You get to choose the question you tackle!

  • Successful projects should pose a novel and interesting/relevant question, have appropriate data to answer that question, and use pertinent analysis.

  • Students have the option (and are encouraged!) to reach out at any time during the semester to get feedback about their project. Additionally, there are some milestones during the semester designed to provide feedback to students.


  • The final project is a group project (3 to 4 students). Students are free to choose their own group, but will be assigned to one by the instructor if they haven’t chosen one (or if their group doesn’t comply with the requirements) by Sept 9th.

  • The project should be tackled as a team, which means that students are expected to be in constant communication with their group. Failure to do so will have a significant penalty on the student’s grade.

  • There will be 4 submissions throughout the semester:

    1. Initial idea and data pitch
    2. Preliminary report
    3. Final report
    4. Presentation


  1. Idea Pitch

  2. Preliminary Report

  3. Final Report

  4. Final Presentation

Where to get data

I encourage groups to work with existing datasets (see lists below), but, depending on the project, you could also collect your own data (e.g. survey experiments or small lab experiments). If you want to go down this route, please reach out the instruction team for further advice.

In terms of finding existing data, you can use any data you want (as long as it can be shared with the instruction team), but you need to describe how and where you obtained it from. Make sure your data is not too simple (e.g. too few variables, very small dataset), so you can run some interesting analysis on it.

I’m also providing some resources here that can be useful if you don’t know where to start:

I’ll keep adding to this list during the first weeks of class

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