Final presentations

Final presentations will be conducted during finals, and every student in the group has to be present, though only two (2) will present (they will be randomly selected). All students should be prepared to answer questions.

Presentations will be short presentations (7 minutes) followed by a couple of questions. All slides need to be submitted by Thursday Dec. 8th by noon.

Make sure your slides are clear and visually appealing. The audience should have a clear takeaway from each slide while you are presenting.

For a 7-minute presentation, I’d suggest having no more than 7 slides with content, or you might ran out of time. The timing will be enforced strictly, because we need to fit all groups. I would also encourage you to practice, practice, practice so you are sure your delivery is on point.

This presentation does not require formal attire

Presentation: The slides show the main points of the project and convey the message in an appropriate way.
Presenter: The presenter shows knowledge of the project and they are able to convey the information in the appropriate time.
Questions: The group is able to answer the questions successfully.


The following rubric was used for evaluating presentations:

  1. Presentation - Slides (10 points): How well constructed were the slides in terms of design. Common discounts involve screenshots of code or R output, small tables or plots not visible for the audience, lack of labels/labels were not clear.

  2. Presentation - Content (10 points): Whether the content of the slides provided sufficient information for the audience. Common discounts involve lack or little information about the data/data description, lack or litte information about the models used, etc.

  3. Presenters - Clarity (avg) (10 points): How clear were the presenters in conveying the information (this is an average between both presenters).

  4. Presenters - Time (5 points): Whether the presenters kept appropriate time for the presentation.

  5. Questions (avg) (10 points): Overall answers to the questions (average between all questions).

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