Week 11

Date: Nov 9th - Nov 11th

What we will cover

This week we will be covering k-nearest neighbors, both in regression form and classification.

  • James, G. et al. (2021). “An Introduction to Statistical Learning with Applications in R” (ISLR). Chapter 2.2.3 (pg. 37-42, but you can skip the subsection about Bayes classifier) and Chapter 3.5 (pg. 105-110).

  • Intuitive Machine Learning. (2020). “K Nearest Neighbors | Intuitive explained | Machine Learning Basics”. Video materials from Intuitive Machine Learning. Note: You can ignore the Python code part of the video.


Complete before Sunday Nov 7th (11:59 pm) (if your section is on Tue) or Tuesday Nov 9th (11:59 pm) (if your section is on Thu). You can find the assignment here.


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