Week 6

Date: Oct 5th - Oct 7th

What we will cover

In this class we start talking about some observational studies and under what assumptions it would be enough to adjust for observables. We will compare these results to those of RCTs. Is adjusting for observables enough?

  • Angrist & Pischke. (2015). “Mastering Metrics”. Chapter 2: Regression. Pg. 47-79.

  • Marginal Revolution University. (2019). “Selection Bias: Will You Make More Going to a Private University?”. Video materials from Mastering Metrics.


No JITT this week.


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Here is the R code we will review in class, with many additional questions! Remember to review it in detail after class Download


  • For those who want a shorter explanation on what selection on observables means and how we estimate causal effects under the CIA, check out these videos!

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