Week 5

Date: Sep 28th - Sep 30th

What we will cover

This week, we will finish with RCTs and we will be introducing observational studies. Can we use data outside experiments to make causal claims? We will also be looking into matching and its comparison to RCTs, in addition to discussing the differences between overt and hidden biases.

  • Angrist & Pischke. (2015). “Mastering Metrics”. Chapter 2: Regression. Pg. 47-79.

  • Marginal Revolution University. (2019). “Selection Bias: Will You Make More Going to a Private University?”. Video materials from Mastering Metrics.


Complete before Sunday Sep 26th (11:59 pm) (if your section is on Tue) or Tuesday Sep 28th (11:59 pm) (if your section is on Thu). You can find the assignment here.


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Here is the R code we will review in class, with many additional questions! Remember to review it in detail after class Download

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